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My online video series is designed to build your sexiest silhouette right in the comfort of your home. They are perfect when you’re travelling, if you are short of time or if you simply need a good burn! Access them everywhere, on demand, on any device!

I will lead you every step of the way and help you reach your fitness goals. You can mix and match the videos to create your perfect workout that suits your level, time frame and needs.

The videos are also perfect when combined with my new 7 Day Body Sculpt eBook. Those two together will give you the perfect combination of diet and exercise to get you ready for that bikini holiday, special event or if you just need some help to get back on track if you have lost your way.

Don’t despair! I’m here for you, ready to help your body, mind and soul! 

Let’s GO!


Check out a sample of the videos you will receive access to...

Booty Blast + Abs

Not only are toned glutes the only way to rock your leggings, but when strong, they work with your core to support your back. Feel great in a bikini and achieve a stronger core. Let’s burn!


Arm Goals!

Resistance bands keep your arm muscles engaged for the whole of this circuit without adding bulk. Get beautiful slender arms for your beautiful little black dress.

Goddess Legs!

This band workout is sure to tone your legs, tightening and smoothing any ‘saddle-bags’, giving you confidence in your long chiselled goddess legs!

Inner Legs for that model gap!

The Magic Circle is the perfect tool to work your inner thighs to feel strong and sexy, with a thigh gap á la Victoria’s Secret.

7 Day Body Sculpt Guide
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Add my new 7 Day Body Sculpt book to your basket for maximum impact.

Perfectly paired to go along with my online video series, in this 7 day workout plan, I will guide you through Monday to Sunday, providing a full body workout ensuring glutes, legs, abs, arms and more are targeted.

At the top of each page you will find the equipment required each day, and every exercise will be accompanied with images to help you with your form.

You’ll also find an accompanying section on my recommendations for your daily eating. I guide you through every meal for every day of the week, each one packed full of nutritious foods that will help you achieve your fitness goals.