About Francesca

Fitness expert Francesca’s unique body sculpting method can help you achieve long, lean and feminine muscles. Francesca knows this, because she’s done it herself—and helped hundreds of others.

The Beginning Of My Story

My story begins in Rome where I was born and grew up. I was actively involved in sports for most of my youth. As I teenager, I took dance and aerobics classes, and I trained in my grandfather’s gym to reach professional Judo Player status.

When I was 21, I moved to London in search of a new adventure. I was able to gain a Master’s in Fine Arts at Middlesex University. However, I also gained some pounds that were difficult to shift and looked awkward on my 5’ frame.

Despite obsessive attempts (including fad diets and over-exercising) to shift the weight, it wouldn’t budge. I was beginning to feel like my body was finally over the physical and emotional rollercoaster I had been putting it through.

Would I ever get my long and lean physique back?

The Journey

I knew it was time to make a change but I wasn’t sure where to start. A friend in the fitness profession suggested that I compete in a fitness competition.

She explained that in order to do well I needed to follow a high protein diet plan: a diet very high in fats and protein but low in carbohydrates. This diet plan was extremely strict, she manipulated my food intake, weighing everything and I found myself feeling slightly obsessed with food. So I did end up losing a lot of weight but everything was so strict and very non-lifestyle friendly. Not to mention how dangerous it was to burden the body with excessive fat consumption and over-exercising which caused only stress for my body. 

Although it sounded great at first, it was very damaging physically and mentally to my body. During the off season I would gain all of the weight I’d lost back rapidly and end up feeling sluggish, unhealthy and miserable with how I looked. It felt just as unstable as my binging phase.


The Birth Of The Body Sculptress Method

My dad used to say ‘just eat what mother nature gives you’, and it took a while before I decided to adopt this approach into my lifestyle. My parents have always been in the food and fitness industry so I had learnt a lot about ingredients and how to put them together in order to make delicious meals since a young age. I finally took my dads recommendation and started to cut out the un-natural, refined and processed foods from my diet and ate as close to nature as I could.

I studied and learnt about nutrition - trying and testing diets one by one to see which worked for me. It was amazing to realise just how much my body responded to the foods I ate and not just aesthetically. From suffering with irritable bowel syndrome, colitis and acid reflux, I was finally feeling healthy. I stopped treating food as an escape or solution to my problems and started seeing it as fuel. My body started loving me back internally and externally and I learnt to realise that our bodies are constantly changing and adapting with season changes, weather, age and food combinations. Therefore my journey and evolution with my body and my health would continue to grow everyday as well. I decided to look further into the movement of the body in which I discovered and after years of teaching aerobics and body conditioning classes I decided to shift towards a gentler approach and became qualified in Pilates.

It appeared to me that I actually needed to do less in order to do more. I started practising my new program with my clients and found that it worked equally as well for them. Finally I’d discovered the method that could be carried out for a lifestyle rather than a short-term period. It is gentle, kind and leaves you glowing from within. My body looks and feels better now that I am in my forties compared to when I was 20!

Although this program requires discipline, it will change your view on health and your body. You will finally have the pleasure of a lifetime rather than the pleasure of the moment.