Weekly Attack

WEEKLY ATTACK to achieve your Goddess Body!

Set your Goals

Set your goals and make your them possible! Start by making little changes to your daily routine.
For example, switch your Starbucks Latte for a Green Juice at the new hot spot: ‘The good life Eatery’ on Sloane Avenue. Write your changes down and add a new healthy habit everyday. Kick the old and embrace the new! www.goodlifeeatery.com

Embrace Life

Unexpected things happen in life, so embrace it and do not let them discourage you. Beat them! If you planned to attend a yoga class at 9am, but your school-run makes you late because the traffic is so bad, do not quit! Go home and do it yourself! Have a DVD handy, it’s like having a portable teacher, ready whenever you need it. If you feel too edgy to practice yoga then put on your favourite tune and dance until your feet hurt! It will get your heart pumping! Who needs a Zumba Class when you can have Beyonce sing for you?

Make It Fun!

Join a class instead of going solo. Sharing is part of the beauty in life! Spice up your weekly exercise routine by finding your perfect class and making new friends. Exercise Classes are a great way to be social and they add healthy competition. Try my BBC class to blast your butt, mood and spirit! Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at KX Gym. Book Now: http://www.kxlife.co.uk/club/gym/timetable

Plan Ahead

School runs, work meetings and the social calendar are amongst the many things you have to juggle in life, so be prepared and plan ahead! Write down your priorities and stick to them. Everyday make a date with yourself: have a massage, a Personal Training session, 1hr shopping spree or lunch with your best friend. You come first! Without you nothing can exist, so find time for the most important person in your life. Have some ME time. By taking care of you, you are going to be even better at taking care of others!

Celebrate your Success

You lost weight, your butt looks perkier, you kicked your sugar habit? YES. Then celebrate!!! Go for a date with your honey. Cook for your family. Go for a weekend break. Do what makes you happy. Life is celebrated when lived. Yes, you can!

I want only Goodness for my Goddesses,

In Love, Health & Fitness,