Watch the video introduction below and look at what I have to say about Francesca The Method:

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BBC (Body Barre Conditioning): Francesca The Method targets women’s trouble areas like glutes, legs, abs, and arms with precise exercises and specific equipment that will chisel the muscles to perfection. The best part is that it only takes 45 minutes. It is the perfect workout: precise, efficient and time-saving!

RBC (Reformer Barre conditioning): After the success of BBC (Body Barre Conditioning), Francesca has been working on a new method that could help my ladies achieve an even longer, leaner and more toned physique. By combining her bespoke Barre routines with carefully selected Reformer exercises, I created a new workout RBC. The exercises target women’s problem areas, such as glutes, legs, abs and arms. Each session lasts for only 45minutes and is precise, efficient and time-saving.

Magic circle: this is the perfect piece of equipment to work on your inner thighs without adding bulk.

Ankle weights: They will make your derrière perky and as hard as a coconut! You can also use this versatile piece of equipment to tone your arms.

Elastic bands: are amazing to elongate arms and legs. The band will tone your muscles without adding bulk.

The Sculptor: is the creation of an Italian dancer, Pino Carbone.
It is optimal for strengthening the pelvic floor, pregnancy rehabilitation and your sexual life! Improve your sex with the sculptor!

Loop: the loop is great to use in conjunction with the fitness circle. While the fitness circle focus to toned up your inner leg, the
Loop works the outer-side, working in harmony, together to achieve the perfect balance.

Ball: this is IT if you want to have an amazing abs workout. The Ball will make your abs strong, whilst optimal nutrition will make your 6-pack stand out!